Evga 670 (SC) vs. Gigabyte 7970 GE

Hey guys, First time I've posted on here. I'm currently building my first rig. I've already ordered everything. All I have left to order is the GPU. Right now on Newegg. The EVGA 670 4gb w/ back plate is about $10.00 more than the Gigabyte  HD 7970 Ghz Ed... Right now I will mostly be gaming in 1920x1080, but in the future I might want to have a 2-3 monitor setup. I've heard they are very similar. I'm leaning towards the 7970, but the 670 is looking better the more I think about it.... Please help! :D

7970gHz all the way; it beats 4GB 680s!

7970 by far, i just benched my Gigabyte 7950 at the max OC id push it to, and it was outscoring some Oc'd GTX 670's 

the 7970 at sotck is faster than a 7950 and it can OC even further usually


Heres my Unigine Score with my 7950 for refrence (its maxed out) 

Hey thanks for the help! I ordered the 7970. So excited for it to get here!!!!