EVGA 660ti running at 100%, always

My EVGA 660ti used to clock down when I was not gaming. Now it just runs at the max always.


I uninstalled Company of Heros 2 beta, which was the only thing I have recently installed. I reinstalled drivers. I reinstalled Precision X. When I say reinstall, I mean unistall and reinstall fresh.

Still, no difference. I unistalled any crap I could find, still nothing. I have restarted my computer a dozen times today with all of this uninstall and reinstall buisiness, yet still my GPU is at 48 degress C with my clock at 1136. I had to turn off my OC because I felt uncomfotable with it always on. 


I HATE this. There is no reason for my card to be like this. Does anyone know how to fix this?

use precision x to manually set the downclock and upclock settings. I think the card was set to 100% usage and was saved to the cards memory. Maybe someone knows how to reset the cards memory or firmware?

try just hitting the default button on the precision x?

Check for a bitcoin miner

Thank you. How do I check for a bitcoin miner?

Look at the processes that are running.