Every other port except the ones I'm using are dead

This can’t be real right? I’ve even added a monitor to it and kept the covers on the other ports since I’ve had it.

Let me back up.

I have a 970, and having just gotten a Valve Index found out that 2/3 of the display port ports aren’t working, and probably the HDMI too. If I want to VR I have to disconnect my main monitor and put the headset in that exact port. When I plug the VR or monitor into another port it seems to recognize something’s there but can’t display to it. Even display settings shows 2 monitors if it’s in another port, I can move my mouse through it but it didn’t take the desktop icons back from the second monitor. I have gone through a clean install of my display driver with DDU and no dice.

I see no reason this is actually real. Is there some kind of deep sleep for GPU ports that aren’t used? Something I can do in my UEFI? I just updated the driver when I got this VR could that have done something? Do they hate me for not installing GeForce Experience?

I have to be stupid on this, this is just too much of a weird thing to happen.

I’m not gonna be very helpful, sorry. :man_shrugging:

I suspect this would be better off in the windows section under software. But just to make sure the hardware is fine, go into UEFI and then try the other ports there.

Best of luck! :+1:

Some GPUs don’t output to all displays until you’re booted into the OS. It’s a common shortcoming of vBIOS.

IIRC some 970s have this.


Huh. Didn’t know that. Still worth a try, I think. If it does work, hardware is off the table.

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Still worth a try, yes.

Just wanted to pop in to say that it’s not 100% hardware if that is the case.

I store random bits of knowledge that come screaming to the forefront at odd times. “tell him about the BIOS issue!!!”

For example, my 1080ti has that issue, so if I want to reinstall windows, I have to do it on my 1070.

Or plug the monitor into the HDMI port, not DP.

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Fiance’s 2070 display ports wouldn’t work until I updated the driver so the only one that worked was HDMI. So yeah Nvidia can be a bit finicky at times.

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Crazy week so far, sorry for late reply.

I’ve had both installed when I restarted, and separately plugged the Index in while already booted, no dice. I’m on the latest driver for the 970s, even through a clean install, and it doesn’t work.

There has to been some kind of state where it said ‘oh these ports are used, keep them active’ and turned off the rest. If that’s a thing. There has to be something to this instead of being crazy lucky I plugged my newer monitor into the only working DP port out of three.

Does the monitor work on any of the other ports?

If not, I’d contact support, or check for damage to the board.

It seems to me that you’ve got a physically damaged card.

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