[Events] “vPub v4” opensource online Party! - 17 February at 8 PM UTC

Hi there, opensource-loving friend! I hope you are interested in the open-source firmware & hardware and their advantages: such as freedom, security and quality. Thank you for a wonderful time with us on our v2 & v3 parties and your kind feedback here on L1T :blush: To continue our good tradition of vPub events - and to have a great time again - we at 3mdeb are organizing a 4th online vPub party!

There, we’ll be discussing the opensource firm/hard-wares in a cosy community of opensource enthusiasts from all over the world! And you are welcome to join us on 2022-02-17T20:00:00Z (your local time) : for example, you may learn about some unusual hardware that supports an open-source firmware and could be a perfect fit for your collection.

Here’s the homepage of our online party - https://vpub.dasharo.com/ . Although a significant part of the event will be in a free-for-all format with its’ exciting random flow of topics, there are some particular ones that we would like to observe. And you can suggest your ideas - and have your moment of fame by giving a demo/presentation of your project: please write to us at vPub Matrix room to designate a special time for you. In any case, we will be honoured to see you among us for a great time together :wink:

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