[Events] “vPub v3” opensource online Party! - 16th November at 8 PM UTC

Dear friends, thank you for a wonderful time with us and your feedback here on L1T :blush: Now we at 3mdeb are organizing a new event - Dasharo OSF vPub Fall 2021 (aka vPub v3) - with so many interesting topics for a pleasant discussion! Open/libre firmware/hardware, and more! Join us on 2021-11-16T20:00:00Z (your local time) - using this page: https://vpub.dasharo.com/

Our new vPub is directly after the “Linux Secure Launch” TrenchBoot Summit that we’re co-hosting at 2021-11-16T16:00:00Z ​-> 2021-11-16T20:00:00Z. It’s going to be a deep dive into the truly secure opensource firmware booting - an exciting journey for those interested in firmware hardening their systems.

You are welcome to join any or both of these events, and we will be waiting for you! :wink: Let’s try to stress test our servers’ capabilities and beat the previous record of 50 attendees.


Here’s a quick calendar utility:


Forum tag source if you want to include it in the OP:

[date=2021-11-16 time=16:00:00 timezone="UTC" timezones="UTC|Europe/London|America/New_York|Australia/Sydney|Europe/Warsaw"]  ​-> [date=2021-11-16 time=20:00:00 timezone="UTC" timezones="UTC|Europe/London|America/New_York|Australia/Sydney|Europe/Warsaw"]

I’ll definitely aim to be there. Starts just after my morning standup, so I should be able to make it.

The last one was a great listen, though I didn’t have a ton to add.


@SgtAwesomesauce Thank you a lot for your kind help, I’ve added your code to the OP for everyone’s convenience! Also our Dasharo vPub homepage has the useful Google Calendar & iCal links


I planned on attending, but we had power outages in the PNW. IS this archived anywhere?


I’ll second that request. my morning was just one thing after another, so I couldn’t hop on.


@Dynamic_Gravity @wendell @Zibob @regulareel @imhigh.today : Although we’ve had fewer people than usual (couldn’t visit us for various reasons), our meeting was as cozy & exciting as before - and we even had Richard Stallman together with us again! :partying_face: If you’re afraid of missing the future vPub parties: at vpub.dasharo.com page there’s a Dasharo OSF vPub Newsletter - to which you could subscribe. No spam - I promise! - just a rare e-mail notification

@Mastic_Warrior and @SgtAwesomesauce : To respect the people’s privacy (who may go wild on our party! :crazy_face: ) it’s not recorded. But, if you’ll join #dasharo-osf-vpub:matrix.org channel, at least you’ll see a part of our text chat (the rest was done in Jitsi together with video/sound). Perhaps the same Matrix channel will be used for future meetings :wink:


I’m glad you guys had a great time!

Sorry I couldn’t make it. I had to work :scream:

Looking forward to the next one :+1:


Thank you for being interested in vPub event. Next time would probably be as FOSDEM 2022 after-party, so in February 2022.


@Dynamic_Gravity @wendell @Zibob @regulareel @imhigh.today @Mastic_Warrior and @SgtAwesomesauce :

dear Friends, I am so happy to tell you about the upcoming vPub v4 open-source online party! Please check out this thread - [Events] “vPub v4” opensource online Party! - 17 February at 8 PM UTC : hopefully you can join us for a great time together :wink: