Even With Telemetry Disabled, Windows 10 Talks To Dozens of Microsoft Servers

Maybe, or maybe they collect some data them selfs to sell and make money?
Who knows?
Maybe you could check with Glasswire.

i totaly agree with this.

MS want to turn windows10 into a service, its not realy a standalone offline OS anymore.

Yea Microsoft will Keep trying IP address.
I will do a DNS look up to find config server, download a new config of IP address/Domains and then do a round robin to find a IP address it can connect to. It the same with Microsoft Update.
The only way to do this is to block the /8, /16, /24 block Microsoft owns, but even that's not enough now as they are integrating Akamai Services into the roll out.

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Appreciate the help was driving me crazy.

i think i really should have create a proper guide on how to block, destroy win10


Please do so if you truly know how to stop it 100%.

Please do I am using a hodgepodge of 8 guides and lists of IP's that I find from many different sources. The ability to use one comprehensive guide and a single list will help greatly.

HOWTO stop Windows 10 tracking / phone home.

  1. remove your Ethernet cable
  2. Turn of wifi if applicable
  3. You're done.

Im sorry its a bit of a joke, but its also serious. That is the only way to reasonably stop it, it has to be removed from your network.

Your firewall might be allowing ICMP to the target IP.


Well I used peerblock with the Microsoft list of addresses. I think it works, becouse one day I got a pop-up in Windows basically saying "We cannot contact home, please let us contact home, we need to send, ehm ... 'troubleshoot' data."

Yeah i think that would be a nice idea.
Making a nice step by step guide how to block most of the telemetry and spying stuff.
Adding some good video´s to the post, like the one Logan did about this topic.
And making it a wiki on the Forum.
And keep the discussion going from there, and improving it.

Its probably impossible to block all the telemetry stuff but still.
We could atleast make a nice base guide.

Walling win10 off from ms is Russian Roulette. If you don't ? They are completely invading your privacy and you have no control over your device. If you do ? No security updates against the exploits, malware, and all the really nasty things floating around the net. I greatly resent being backed into a corner this way. Option 3 looks better everyday.

I'm on like year 3 of near vanilla windows 7 without much issue

vista ! :) My 8.1 is getting harder and harder to control as they are slipping stuff in with other things.

Thats exactly whats happening. Unlike TCP and UDP, ICMP has no port numbers. ICMP uses type and code to differentiate the services in the protocol. Knowing that, it could be use for malicious purposes.

This is something that anyone with common sense would have guessed from the start. The "off" button is just a "hide activity" button. Microsoft can not be trusted.

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This is inexcusable for an "enterprise" grade OS version.