Europe level1 lan/meet up?

Inspired by the level1 peeps in the US and their venture to quakecon I wanted to put out a feeler to see if the Europeans on here would be interested in doing something similar.
I was thinking around April 2019, but open to any suggestions.

Would anyone be interest in

  • Going to a Lan event like The Gathering in Norway
  • Doing a level1 meet up somewhere

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Anyone outside Europe would of course be welcome to join as well.

Feel free to pitch other ideas.

Tagging some euro peeps
@anon5644329 @Deanpal @nuke @Eden @MazeFrame @psycho_666 @oldgek


Some info about the gathering:

Held in Hamar, Norway
17th to 21st of April 2019
5200 seats

Free sleeping tents
Free showers
Free parking
You can buy breakfast and dinner food buffets
Chair is supplied

I am in, no matter the number of people.


Are you bringing a hand held mirror?

we’ll call it tragic: the gathering


From what i hear they don’t get much use

I would possibly be up for it

way too good not to give a like.

For the poll, it’s missing a third option:

  • Going to a LAN event like The Gathering in Norway.
  • Holding a level1 meetup @ Pete’s.
  • Hate socializing IRL so staying home.

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NB. this is not a real poll and does not count.

I’ve only been to airports in Europe. Might be the motivation I need to actually visit.

If you come I will bring one.

Kinda hard for me personally. Germany is the maximum distance I would go.