Europe as it bad sides

I find this when checking out about the EU. I see it can have it good sides but i think it will be abused. 

Big Brother Is soon watching......

Remember how the French secret service bombed Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior in the 80's: always remember, "terrorists" did not invent "terrorism", secret services did. In the US, the CIA lead terrorist death squads, called Covert Ops, or "Military Consultants" since the late 50's in South-East Asia, dveloping exactly the kind of warfare techniques that are used against US assets now.

The same will happen with all the spying. It will backfire, and in the end, it will have a completely different result than the "intelligence community" expects, and wars will be waged over it.

And as to privacy, people bring that on themselves, by paying to be spied upon, by demanding to be spied upon, by being generally stupid, lazy and decadent.

The problem is not the government in the EU, the problem in the EU is the corporate government in the US and their UK lapdogs. But just like NATO backfired on them, and they are now buying much more military hardware from the EU than that they are selling hardware to the EU, the whole cyber warfare thingy will also backfire on them. The EU - as always throughout history - will sadly be the world's battleground once again in the cyber war, but the fact that so many people are moving away from crooked Anglo-American software and hardware, is a sign that - as always throughout history - the EU will once again come out of that stronger than ever before.

The whole fucking Continental European culture is code, the whole interpersonal communication system is fully encrypted, not with mathematical keys, but with cultural heritage and hermetic languages. Let them spy, they're only wasting their resources and weakening their defenses. We'll gladly cooperate with them to help them with their cyber warfare against an immaginary enemy that they will never be able to understand.