Ethernet VS. Wifi

Our wifi is the same speed as our ethernet. Is this normal? Which do you prefer ethernet or wifi?

I've never really tested mine out extensively, but I'm on the far side of the place so I use ethernet. The wi-fi gets a little iffy from this end. Feels uncomfortable not having full bars you know?

I perfer WiFi since it allows me to be mobile, or to place my desktop somewhere that the router is not. 

Also, my WiFi is much slower than my ethernet, running at 50% of what a desktop hooked up to my internet router would have. 

pirmarily the speed of wifi vs ethernet will be dependant on your connection speed and the speed that your hardware can send and recieve.  For example if you have a 50MBPS wifi adapter and a 100MBPS download speed your hardware will throttle your speed.  

Hope this helps

I prefer ethernet, mainly for security reasons, a good gigabit/ten-gigabit structrure is FAR more secure.  If you have the funds, fiber, almost no latency, that only stems from the PC.  Only reason my parents have wifi, ease and comfort, they don't have to worry about cables, that and they have their tablets and phones on the network.  

Now, even if your wifi is as fast as your ethernet, I would never stream HD media over wifi, too much latency.

I'll be working on that as part of my tutorial series on securing your home network.

And a lot of people need to learn to secure their networks better, can't tell you how many times I took my sis's laptop around NYC just to change wifi AP names and what not.  I like, and don't like wifi, it's a love-hate relationship, it has it's merits, but for media content streaming in-home, wired is king.

Hence why I am doing these videos. I am on the 2nd to last segment on WEP. Seeing I'll be graduating here soon, I can allocate more time to get these videos done. I'll also do some results on how long it takes to crack each eycryption protocol. If you want to do up some results of your own, feel free and email me the results. I do want to have a 2nd source to back up my work. Might help show people why they need to use very good security on their home network

wish I had hardware to mess with, where I am, atm, I don't. Maybe soon.

I mostly use wifi but I prefer ethernet idk I feel it's more secure, plus where I live and my laptop tends to have problems when it comes to identefying correctly the router. [sorry for any bad grammar]

Agree'd. Even the smallest mitigation techniques are still worth doing; an attacker is more likely going to go for an AP with a generic SSID over trying to snoop for an AP where SSID broadcasting is disabled

If an attacker finds an AP with a generic SSID, it's pretty safe for them to assume the end-user isn't tech savvy, so won't have changed the web GUI's password (default is usually admin/admin, depending on the manufacturer). You become a more favourable target.

In my home wifi is used only for tasks such as web browsing. All financial transactions occur through wired ethernet. Just to make my network slightly more difficult to access I use a MAC whitelist and encryption.

I prefer ehternet because of security, and because of being subject to alot more interferance when using wifi. Thus greatly decreasing your transfer speeds. Last of all, Home network file transfering is much faster through my ethernet connection.

ethernet, cause 500mbit wired dl speed..... wifi is only 30mbit, plus latency is far, far lower wired... (~5ms for the local speed test)