Ethernet Vs. WiFi

Now before you go commenting about how ethernet is a billion times better, hear me out!

I'm building my first gaming PC in March and I'm most likely going to have it in my bedroom, but the only way to get an ethernet cable from my WiFi hub [located pretty much directly underneath my desk in the room below] to my desk in my room is by drilling a hole in the ceiling and  through to my room. I currently only get ~2Mb/s internet speed overall and I get 4 bar WiFi signal with my laptop on my desk in my room. So I'm wondering whether paying £2 for a 10 meter ethernet cable and drilling a hole in my ceiling or paying £15 for a PCi-E 300Mb/s WiFi card. Opinions with reasoning would be greatly appreatiated. [Also my mum isn't to keen on having a hole drilled in the ceiling]

If you need the speed and dont want to scream pulling your hair out everytime you loose connection, do the drilling and spend the money. Otherwise wifi (Im on wifi and not complaining).


Why not drill a hole in the wall and snake it down to the cable port?

I don't even drill a hole in the wall,the cable port just goes on the floor,sure it may look a bit nasty,but it works


True ethernet is a billion times better, but you'd be smarter off saving your dosh and going for a 450Mb/s router and an intel wifi card.

Also run inssider and analyze the signal strength in your house (never hurts) and on a lasting note keep your router far away from your modem (these two don't get along)

You could always go with powerline. It's almost as good as wired and requires no drilling.  Try this.

Extra work and labour may have quite satisfying results by less bandwidth frustration from lack of speed :-D

go both :P i personaly would drill a hole or snake a line though a cable conduit and  wifi is nice easy no risk but a bit on the slower side

I use a combination of a wi fi card and a powerline adapter, i really reccomend powerline because there is no need for drilling any holes in your wall.