Ethernet to USB 3.0 dongle for laptop. Anything to say about them, forum?

Self Explanatory, anyone use one? Any issues to speak of? bottlenecks perhaps? I'm about to get one to make up for this awful college wifi.

What you using it for? Not much, other than you will be limited by the 3.0 speed/speed of your USB bus. They work pretty well for common use. Is this a add on to a laptop that doesn't have one?

I have used this one before. No complaints on my part.

Used to transfer media between laptop and desktop and it would peak at my Adata SSD read speed over network transfer. Sure it's a gigabit plug, but like mentioned it's limited to USB 3.0 speeds. Should not be a problem unless you have fiber set up in your campus. My max speed at home is 50Mbps, always hits 6.0MBps download in steam as well.

@Ramiel I don't have an Ethernet connector on my laptop, so It's necessary to overcome bad wifi,
USB 3.0 bottleneck isn't a concern, as long as it's not worse than it should be

Should be fine.

Sounds about right, this is what I was gonna add.

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Why get just Ethernet from your USB 3.0 port?

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This is officially nuts... I now need one.

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That was my original pc lol.
Tried a few docks returned all of them.
Also made it my mission to make a charging usb on the go cable. Succeeded but sold it off to someone.

USB 3.0 is 5 Gbit/s or 625 MB/s so it's 5x faster than standard gigabit Ethernet so USB 3.0 speed is not a bottle neck. The speed you get with a USB 3.0 gigabit Ethernet dongle is going to be determined by the quality of the dongle you buy because there will be some overhead for the adapter and the quality of the USB controller in the pc. I have a Dell XPS 13 that also doesn't have an Ethernet port. I have a couple USB 3.0 dongles that I have tested transferring files from it to my NAS (which can easily saturate a gigabit link) and back. There's only a slight speed drop from the onboard NIC's in my desktop.