Ethernet Problems (Also Motherboard)

Ok guys I've run into a bit of a problem. I just finished building my first computer and everything is working pretty great... so far. Just today when I was trying to hook up ethernet to the computer for the first time Windows 8 will not recognize any sort of internet source. I don't know if it is a problem with the motherboard because I know I have a faulty vga port. But before anyone jumps to conclusions, I know for a fact the ethernet cable works. I plugged it into my laptop and it works just fine. I don't know what to do and I'm worried I'll need to rebuild the computer with a new motherboard. Here is a parts list so you can know what kind of motherboard it is:[1]

You probably need to install the drivers for the motherboard. 

And why did you go with Micro-ATX for a mid-tower? You can invest in better motherboards. 

You need drivers but your build has left me scared and confused: intel/nvidia on a relatively low budget build; matx motherboard, atx case; and 1 stick of ram. What?

How would I go about doing that, I dont have a disk drive :/

This is my first build, I have no idea what I'm doing. But I have one stick of RAM because I want to upgrade to 16gigs later.

But how should I install thedrivers without a cd drive (i dont have one)

You can usually download the drivers form the motherboard manufacturer's website: 64

Thanks a ton!

So I installed the ethernet driver and it still doesn't work... what should I do?

You should install all the drivers for your motherboard, and give it a reboot.

Well yeah.. I did that. It just didn't work.

Would you take a look at the ethernet driver from above to make sure I install it correctly.

So here is what I do:

1) I open the windows 8 version

2) Run the setup application file

3) install

4) Restart

Then it doesn't work after that.