Ethernet over MOCA adapters

I just bought a house, and can't afford to wire it yet (Home Insurance requires a licensed electrician to do it).

I have my computer and my media server that I need to wire, but they're going to be on separate floors. I'm planning on having my modem and wireless router on the ground floor, connected to my media server.

That leaves my personal PC upstairs, with a wireless AC adapter. I'm not positive of the strength of signal my router will be able to manage upstairs, so I need to look at alternatives. And since I have a coax jack in my bedroom, I was thinking a MOCA adapter might work. Does anyone have any experience with Ethernet over MOCA adapters?

idk how this exactly works, but i have cable internet my self, thats going over coax aswell. so i assume that MOCA adapters would be a bit similar.

BUt where does the coax in your bedroom goes to? and which kind of internet connection do you have? because the coax will probably end up somewhere downstairs?

Maybe it could be an option, to pull out the coax, and put in a Cat 5E? or doesn´t US homes have pipes in the walls where the cables are in?

Powerline Homeplug AV2 is alot more mature than MOCA, and we now have MIMO.



I would go for the Powerline adapters. Super easy to use and install. I have used the cheaper AV1 versions on several occasions and it worked flawlessly... to a point. Get them to far apart or have them on separate isolated circuits and it's a no go. But within 20-50 feet has been my experience and that worked great. Dont try to get fancy either and use these with wifi boosters and crazieness like that. just use cat5 and wired connections.

Thanks for the suggestion Nick. I can't justify the $140 for the one you posted without any reviews, etc...but I can try out the 600Mbps ones!

I have mine ordered, so here's hoping.

The only reason there are no reviews yet is because its brand new, but I understand.

I have had a TPLink 600Mbps kit for a while now and get pretty good results.

Might help give you indication of actual perfromance of the 600mbps kits.

Best of luck

I ended up going with this one:

D-Link DHP-601AV PowerLine AV2 600 Gigabit Starter Kit