Ethereal's Attempt at Global Domination as Muscovy! (EU4)

Great, now I have a new game I need to play. Any tips for a complete n00b who's going to run through the tutorials and try for world domination?

(these are helps for moscovities)
Try to control st petersburg node (you won't get anything from northern one for a long time, and leave the southern one as its worthless. (set your trader to collect)

Dedicate your expansion through territorial resources

Upgrade your nodes to make them green (you'll get all kinds of boots and ability to build buildings on them.

If you control and produce enough of certain resource you'll get bonuses for russians its easy to get following

Use questing (be careful not to take long ones or ones that you are 100% sure you won't accomplish anytime soon, as its pointless and waste on time)

Ideas, russians need explorers to colonize most of the asia... you need to expand as you won't be able to invade europe anytime soon. (if you fail to do so, you won't get into european fight at all)