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ETA for compiled release?

Hi, first post here. 8-P

This can be a sensitive question & all, but I’ve been stalking this project / lurking this forum for about a year now awaiting the signal to jump in and start testing.

Recently I made the jump from a Windows + Vmware Workstation world (reason: lack of modern GPU support in guests) to KVM (UNRAID) and the experience has been… lacking… And rather painful in a lot of unanticipated ways… So the pressure to make the jump to something better has increased.

The potential for this project is huge. It seems to be the perfect middle-ground that can deliver a ‘have it all’ environment. I want. Willing to pay $$ for something that works but cant afford much time in dead-ends.

Problem is, I can’t get sucked into every project. I’ve been waiting for a binary release / beta-1. I’m willing to set up a multi-boot environment from scratch and try to get this thing going, but I have to consider the return on time invested.

Is a major release coming any time soon? Ideally (for me) this would be a binary release that has reasonably good odds of working reasonably well on a specific distro using my typical / relatively-modern hardware (8700 CPU + 1080 GPU).

Should I just hunker down in my ‘unraid kvm workstation’ environment and wait for a major release soon, hopefully in a month or three? Or should I jump in & try to build source / etc and hope it works for use (CAD / development / etc) as my daily driver?

Apologies for a 1st-poster asking such sensitive questions, but there it is.

B2 is getting closer after a huge overhaul of tons of stuff.

B1 already has a binary release for the Windows host application, but there will never be a binary release of the client unless it’s packaged by the distribution. That said building it is very simple. See:

Most mainstream distros are covered, but if you want as hassle-free as possible I recommend Debian as it is what I use to develop it on.

Debian also has the B1 client application in the repository as a binary but it’s in the testing (bullseye) repo:

Thanks for the fast response. Was under the mistaken impression that the project was still pre-beta so this is great news. (You might want to pull down your completed trello cards)

Can you give any guess as to when B2 might be released? Am going to try to make the jump then.

And keep up the great work, I hope to contribute however I can. This is going to change everything.

lol, you’re the 2nd person recently to state that Trello needs some attention :slight_smile: . It’s been done and I have started to document the changes for B2.

No idea, but we are getting close to a release again.

Thank you kindly :slight_smile: