ESXi Keyboard+Mouse passthrough question


Here in part to say I’ve had success with a GPU passthrough build using ESXi 6.7 - HW so far is:

Motherboard: Supermicro X10SRL-F C612 chipset
Processor: Intel QHZH QS/ES “E5-2650 v4” CPU 12-core/24-thread
Ram: 16GB DDR4 ECC (2x8GB) Hynix HMA81GR7AFR8N-VK 1Rx8
VM GPU: Old EVGA 740 GT (only 23w TDP!)

VMX file Flags:
svga.present = FALSE
hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = FALSE

Was easy, just threw HW (GPU and HDMI audio) on the VM, the flags in advanced settings, reserved the ram (only 2GB right now) and it worked without a hitch.

E5/C612 is SO MUCH EASIER than E3 / 1155 processor systems I had tried in the past!!! ACS rules.

But here’s the thing, how do I set up a keyboard + mouse for it? I can’t find the host keyboard or mouse in ‘add host USB device’. And I tried adding a second pair of keyboard/mouse and they don’t show up either (?)

Do I have to pass through a whole USB controller??

Edit: Interesting, I can mirror the monitor in vSphere/Workstation (as VM view) which is cool, and use a mouse/keyboard in it, but I haven’t figured out the right USB controller to passthrough yet… (I tried C612 chipset USB controller #2 - musta been the wrong one!)

ESXI does not do HID passthrough, you have to passthrough an entire USB controller.

Great, I was afraid of that - oh well, working on it! Thanks!