ESXI homelab

Hi everyone. I have decided to build homelab ESXI computer, which will be based on ryzen 3700x with x570(intel nic) hardware. I have question regarding creating one VM for freeNAS. Will it work if i create RAID 1 in BIOS, or i will need to purchase some hardware raid controller card, so i will create simple raid for my freeNAS?

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FreeNAS exclusively uses ZFS. ZFS should not be used with RAID from the motherboard or from a RAID card. This is because ZFS makes disk arrays in software.

So you could either pass the individual disks through, or buy a HBA (ie RAID card without RAID) and pass the HBA through to the FreeNAS VM.


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you cant use UFS anymore?

Maybe you can? Last I looked, the only option I saw during setup was ZFS, although its been a while.