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ESXi create datastore from on board raid?


Can you create a datastore in ESXi from onboard raid array?

I am trying to create a data store from 2 SSDs in raid 1 created from the onboarding chipset. But the ESXi seems only see the drives themselves instead of the raid array.

Did I missing something here or it just not possible?

ESXi 6.7 u2
Suppermicro X8DT3



Unsure if it’s been done already, but try after these have been finished:

  • Go into BIOS and set SATA ports from AHCI to RAID
  • Boot into RAID configurator utility and setup your RAID 1 array with the SSDs and make sure that the virtual disk shows up properly
  • Double check your work by loading a Live USB/ISO with GParted and verify that it can only see the virtual drive and not both physical drives


I already build the raid array use both Intel and adaptek. ESXi can only see the the 2 drives, but not the array.



Have you got the RAID setup on the SATA or SAS ports?

The SATA RAID is well, for lack of better words. Shit. On the SATA it also requires a driver on the Host OS.
ESXi (although there is a Linux driver for this board) does not support this.

Move the disks to the SAS controller and setup your RAID there.



I figured out. ESXi only see hardware raid.



Depends on the controller.

if you’re talking about intel RST garbage, that’s not really a proper raid controller.

Check the VMware hardware compatibility list.