ESXI 6.7 Ryzen 7 2700 (Non X)

Hello All

I have the following specs:

Ryzen 7 2700 (non X)
32GB DDR4 2400
Asrock B450 Pro 4
nvme 256GB SSD
2x 2TB WD Green HDD’s

I’ve been trying to install ESXI/Redhat on it and ive found that rebooting is unreliable, ill get TSC kernel panics after rebooting and then ill need to hard reboot to get it to start.

My GPU is connected to a KVM 4 port hdmi switch, could this potentially impact rebooting ?

OS’s i have used

RHEL 7.6 Server
RHEL 7.6 Workstation
ESXI 6.7

I can get each installed but nothing will reboot reliably, its not a big deal if im at home but if i need to reboot remotely i want to be reasonably sure it won’t hang.

My preference is to have ESXI installed for studying purposes so i can have multiple vm’s etc

Kind Regards