Esxi 6.7 psod

I’m hoping some one can help lead me to a solution regarding ESXI Bluescreening on me about once a day.

I have 2 identical machines running ESXI 6.7
both are Z87X-UD3H Mobos
e3-1270 v3
32gigs of 1333 each 8gb dimms non ECC
they are each running the same LSI raid cards. (cant run ESXI 7 because of these)

Each are running a windows server 2019 as VM’s
the only difference is that the machine that constantly bluescreens is running 2 VMs of Untangle

Ive swapped the mobo with a new one and even moved shuffled hardware between the machines the only constant is the machine with Untangle VM’s bluescreens

I am lead to believe that the Untangle VM is causing a NIC driver crash, i can submit the dumps if anyone can make sense of them. but i think the line of interest is:

#PF Exception 14 in world 2097591:vmnic0-pollW IP 0x418005122756 addr 0x43044c31f7a0
2020-08-22T18:31:07.634Z cpu1:2097591)cr0=0x8001003d cr2=0x43044c31f7a0 cr3=0xba7c0000 cr4=0x10216c
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)frame=0x451a0a09b780 ip=0x418005122756 err=0 rflags=0x10002
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)rax=0x4a5facf9 rbx=0x2 rcx=0x14
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)rdx=0x0 rbp=0x0 rsi=0x2
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)rdi=0x43044c31f6e0 r8=0x179e00ee0465e r9=0x451a0a0a3780
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)r10=0x451a05b23780 r11=0xfffffffff4c7e04f r12=0x418040400000
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)r13=0x451a0a0a3100 r14=0x4 r15=0x451a0a09b950
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)pcpu:0 world:2097717 name:“wdt-vmhba1-0” (S)
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)pcpu:1 world:2097591 name:“vmnic0-pollWorld-0” (S)
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)pcpu:2 world:2100139 name:“vmm0:RMGT-FLVPN-00A” (V)
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)pcpu:3 world:2097165 name:“serialLogger” (S)
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)pcpu:4 world:2108274 name:“vmast.2108272” (S)
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)pcpu:5 world:2097172 name:“netCoalesce2World” (S)
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)pcpu:6 world:2097699 name:“Tcpip4 wtask” (S)
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)pcpu:7 world:2097268 name:“itRebalance” (S)
2020-08-22T18:31:07.635Z cpu1:2097591)@BlueScreen: #PF Exception 14 in world 2097591:vmnic0-pollW IP 0x418005122756 addr 0x43044c31f7a0

“RMGT-FLVPN-00A” is the VM name

Time and date is messed up but I set it correctly since.

I can submit the dump files but they are close to 300mb.

Is there a newer driver for the ne1000 I cant seem to find anything other than native.
the NIC is a Intel Ethernet Connection I217-V (integrated)

Appreciate any help