Est Price of old workstation in CAD?

So got my “old” Workstation with a Xeon Gold 8280, 384GB DDR4 2666 Memory, RTX A5000 GPU+ 6TB of SATA SSD, and 3TB of NVME Drives, what would I expect price-wise to sell this machine for since i got a upgrade

Would probably be easier to sell in pieces. Maybe keep CPU, motherboard, and RAM together; I certainly find those bundles more appealing.

Loaded with an OS wholesale pricing puts that machine at about $6,500 ($4,900USD). So for retail/resale, double that price, $13,000 ($9,800), then add the value of whatever you have above the base spec (I.E. 64/128GB RAM, 2TB SSD, etc) so now you’re in the $14,500 ($10,900) range. The problem with following this pricing logic is that nobody is currently buying an $11K+ used workstation in any market I’m aware of. It’s already quite hard to sell licensed remarket machines that have a limited manufacturer warranty above $5K.

Parting it out is legitimately the fastest way to make any money back. The Xeon can easily and fairly quickly be offloaded onto eBay for $4,200-4,300 ($3,200) which would undercut other non-QS/ES options by about 9%.

RAM lots are usually priced in a combination of DIMM size * quantity. I.E. 16GB DDR4 bulk wholesale is about $29/DIMM, 32GB is $54/DIMM. Add about 50% and there’s your street price target if you want to part it out in more digestible 32/64/128GB lots that people may be looking for as upgrade options.

SSDs are both really easy and really hard to sell, since people are gun shy about life expectancy and NAND wear. Get some screenshots of the drive cycle counts and health before ripping anything apart. Price data on drives goes all over the place since it’s dependent on specific model, drive health, and usage scenario. I’ll leave that research up to you, but general rule of thumb is check the condition that your competition is offering, if your drives are better then price a couple bucks higher.

Finally for the GPU, that’s the easiest and fastest thing to resell, just come in with a price about $50-$100 cheaper than the average and you’re good to go, and right now the used card average is about $1,500 ($1,125USD).


With all due respect. I say none of this with a negative tone.

If I considered what you have outside looking in - tops $3500.

Just like the others have shared - pros and cons to it all.

selling out bundles of items is nice - but now it leaves you with a case that is just sitting around with no internal parts. If you are ok with selling parts and pieces. All the trips to and from UPS for shipping. If you are ok with that - part it out. If you do not want to keep up with all the different posts and time to sell off all the different parts. The sad thing about electronics - what you love someone else will not like and will not pay you.

I have personally learned and considered selling off my amazing semester for something else. I realized what I paid, someone else will not. And the items still have some solid value.

Buying and selling off computer parts is like buying new parts but walking out the door, and it’s worth a fraction of what you paid for. I assumed I had some real value in the 3090 cards I had - nope - no real value someone else was willing to pay.

So from one user to the next. And with all respect. Give yourself a short time - to sell the computer altogether. If that does not work quickly - start parting it out.

You’d be amazed, for CPUs that are completely obsolete like the 8280, eBay listings still fetch between $2,500 and $3,500 for a final stepping part :laughing:

I’m a long time eBay seller with a few hundred sales in this category. I agree with the other comments that you’ll have the easiest time parting it out.

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I got ya.

One, I see the pricing point for the Xeon Gold 8280 - my apologies for that one.

When you decide to post, she a link here, and if I can do anything about pushing your sale I will for sure.

I suppose if you paid the astronomical scalper prices it doesn’t look like much, but people are consistently getting $850-$1200 for 3090s, that’s absolutely not nothing. Reminder that MSRP was SUPPOSED TO BE $1,500 on the 3090. Getting 66-75% of that value back on a ~2 year old card is pretty damn good. Unless you paid $3500 during the scalpocalypse, then you’re left holding the bag since the market has since corrected in a major way.