ESO mechanic is a bit fucked up

so eso has a mechanic were if you die your Armour looses 10% of its strength so it doesn't provide as much protection and you have to pay to get it fixed. Now this sounds all well and good until you realize that at lower levels when you have hardly any money (e.g lv 1-10) you cant repair your Armour making the quest increasingly Harder for every time you die and you cant get out of this loop once its started other than by grinding to get the money to repair and since 1 kill gets you 1 gold and it cost an average of 200 gold to repair.  that's 200 kills or about 3-9 hours or grinding (depending on skill) this puts a lot of new players off and causes them to stop playing. what i would like to see is some way of making this easier to deal with for example

1.between lv 1-10 Armour doesn't degrade low lv it is cheeper to repair 25-50 gold

3.the better the armour the more costly it is to repair

and finally 4. add more side quests that can get  you easy money at low levels

thanks for reading this long post

and if you agree with me leave a comment


-RandomCow909 (っ◕‿◕)っ

You should put this in Bethesda's forms. They do read them I'm sure. I have a few friends playing that and they seem to be burning out fast. Seems like maybe from what I hear is you can get your fill in just a few months. Don't know if this is true would like to hear opinions. Is this game really worth 15 dollars a month?

I was in the Beta for a long time and myself burned out on it there. 

oh cool i didn't relies they had forums i will go re-post there. and to answer your question its Not worth 15 dollars a month but it IS worth paying for 180 days and its sooo much cheerer and a tip for playing is joing a guild (a large one) as soon as possible as the friend mechanic is a bit fucked up so you cant re do quests if your friend hasnt do it so you cant help them (they are trying to fix this ) but in the mean time use a guild to ask for help chances are some one in it is stuck in the same place as you