ESO Guild?

So is anyone, who plays ESO, interested in making a Tek guild?  Be cool to play with some of you guys.  

Curious about ESO. I've played WoW for a few years and I feel like I always look for an alternative, but can never find one I enjoy playing. Wildstar looks like it might be the one for me.

What are your impressions of ESO so far?

So far the gameplay is pretty fun.  Combat feels fluid and enjoyable.  The crafting system is really good and extremely beneficial to start with even at level 1, it is pretty common to find raw materials while questing and such.  As other TES games you are not locked into one class, which is what I love about ESO.  Though it is in your best interest to use your class skills alongside others.

For instance, I have a Sorcerer who uses a bow with bow/magic skills.  My sorc uses a mix of Med/Light amor to get both bonuses that each offer.  

Though the NA servers have been very laggy recently, and I am not sure why.  I am sure it will be solved soon, though.