Escaping incoming PM by moving to the bush

mfitz50 you should make another forum post of so that everyone in the forum can vote on the petition.

I will Do it now

I'm in QLD (Gold Coast) and work for two companies, an ISP and a Cloud Services Provider...

Take a guess at how I feel about FTTH being scrapped for FTTN.


Screw moving to the bush, if it wasn't for my wife and new born son I would be heading overseas.

This sounds dreadful, if they tried pulling that crap over here in the UK.

We would probably get more riots and some script kiddies ddos dwp and hmrc, lol.:D


Lol... i am in FNQ and having FTTN would have F all difference to me... but in some places... FTTN would be going backwards...

Our Internet is already a joke... doing FTTN would make it offical

I honestly don't care which NBN plan happens... By the time they actually get around to rolling it out to where I live... well, I probably won't be living there anymore anyway. A really good network in Australia would be great, but if a FTTH network is likely to take a lot longer than FTTN, I'd prefer FTTN for now, and then upgrade later. But I really don't think the government should be doing an NBN (now, anyway). There are bigger problems in Australia than the internet... 


I really REALLY disagree with the build cheap/easy now & upgrade later idea...

But when you said:

"There are bigger problems in Australia than the internet.."

Maaaaan I so agree with that! As much as I would love 100mb fibre, I would rather have 5mb ADSL and hear less about people getting their cars stolen or being robbed at gun point for drug money on the news everyday.

Wow I live in Amerika (< is a great rammstien song), and I have also moved to the country, I now have 6acres and a spring..I do have neighbors fairly close, that I would never want to talk to..I have ok internet..I just wanted to get away from the populous..I am just tired of the FED banking and how they use the WTO to control other countries..I understand your growing insanity..I plan on building stuff to curb this crazy, but at the moment I can not lift anything over 9 lbs (4 Kg)  for a year, stupid doctors.. So I really am going crazy..I just want aquaponics and some livestock, and off the grid energy..But I have to wait..I may have one visitor a month, if I am lucky..As you can tell this is why some of my comments can run so long..My advice would be build cool and crazy stuff and your friends may want to join you..Or just ask them to come and play shotgun golf..Most people would love shotgun golf..

Yeah, I know, I don't agree with the build cheap now either, but I would rather that they waited a while and get everything back on track before doing an NBN. Or  they could even work with existing ISP's and work out a deal... but anything government run is going to be a shambles, so I think whether FTTN or FTTH; there will be problems..

But.... an NBN is inevitable, it's what everyone wants, so it is going to happen no matter what.

Even if they finish rolling out NBN they would still throttle it and make us pay more like they are now. How about we petition for them to stop throttling the internet we have now.

Why do you believe you're being throttled?

I ask because there are a lot of variables involved. Most often issues arise from poorly configured router/nat tables due to incorrect MTU settings. Then with ADSL there is network congestion, bad copper, exchange/rim distance, inferior hardware etc. All of these things will affect the speed of your connection.

Unless you and talking about Fibre or P2P throttling.

To be honest... Aus should get google to deploy fibre here... that will fix the problem

Yep I'm guessing you're referring to download speed throttling, namely p2p, torrents etc? You will find its the smaller ISPs who do this and it's not to stop piracy it's to conserve bandwidth, which is very expensive for them, even on the new NBN network...

Also it's not throttling pursay it's priority management, p2p will be a lower priority to say ' browsing' for example. Meaning when there is no one online late at night doing higher priority tasks you will get your full speed.


Yes. Yes it would. Too bad it makes no economical sense whatsoever (with Australias low population density) to deploy fibre in most parts, unless they charge $200 a month.


I would pay $200 bucks a month just to say Fuck You to Telstra

LOL... yeah, there probably would be a lot of people who would!

I do think the government shouldn't be doing the NBN by itself though... Really need to do it alongside another company, with the government maybe just subsidizing costs to make it worth their while. And then make it that they HAVE to allow other ISP's to use the network, much like what they did with Telstra's copper network back in the day.

Something Funny bout this NBN shit... now my town is basicly the Distict Hub as i live in a rural Area... According to NBN all the smaller towns around mine are getting NBN in the next 3 Years... but we are not even on the List... WTF

Personly... we nell a civil war in aus to come though and shoot all the buercarts

I'm seriously considering that. But for some strange reason the whole country is lazy and just sits back and lets these things happen. 

mfitz i know a couple of old blokes that own army tanks, all we need is some automatic rifles and explosives and this will happen.