Hello; logan, and the whole tek syndicate team. 

I just build my first pc just a about a week ago, but it turns out the motherboard was defective. I knew that could happen, but when I took out the heatsink out the whole CPU came out of the socket. I used a phenom II x4 965, on a asrock 980de3/u3s3 motherboard. To make my problem worse they just discontenued that line of CPU's as far as I can tell. If you could tell me a number that i can call to get a replacement/refund, I will love you forever. 

Thanks, and have a good day, sir. 

Just go to Asrock's website, and look up their customer service number.

EDIT: +1-909-590-8308

That usually happens when you use stock thermal paste. It turns into cement and is practically impossible to remove. The CPU shouldnt be damaged, as long as no pins are bent. How is the motherboard defective? Because the CPU came out? Have you tested it after this? Usually, that wont damage the ZIF socket.

(I do, however, really think that AMD should go the intel rout and place the pins on the motherboard, not the CPU)

The downside of having the pins on the motherboard, is if you bend them then you are SOL

Yeah, but if I had a 500+ dollar CPU, I would rather replace the Motherboard if something goes wrong, lol.

What $500 AMD cpu do you have? :P The 9xxx series cpus are pretty much a waste of money in the first place.

Oh, no. Lol. I was talking about CPUs in general. The benifit of having the pins on Intel boards, and not the CPUs are that the CPUs are more expencive. If the pins were still on the CPU, and not the MoBo, there would be a lot of pissed off consumers, lol. 

Imagine bending a pin on a 4770K Instead of a cheaper 150-200 dollar Motherboard.

Or a 3930K. Or 3970X.

If you have a bent pin on the CPU, you can fix that. You just need very steady hands


well before i took the CPU out It wouldn't start, so i took it to an IT guy, and he said the motherboard was bad.

well there were probabaly 20-30 pins bint when it came out. Some of the pins went in a U-shape.

Oh, wow. Those are some serious bends, bro.

you're going to need

  1. a super tight headband
  2. a magnifing glass to put in the headband
  3. twesers
  4. credit cards
  5. tooth picks
  6. lots of light
  7. a shit ton of patience

I once unbent about 30 bent pins for a athlon II x2 I got for free for my sister to use

i wouldn't be here if I touched the processor or something, but when i take the heatsink off and the CPU just ripped out.

Unless the CPU pins are damaged, there is absolutely nothing wrong with either your CPU or motherboard socket. The CPU is held in by pressure applied to the side of the pins to make contact with the contacts in the socket. I've had a Celeron D processor pop straight out of a mPGA478 socket before because of cheap ceramic stock thermal paste. There was nothing wrong with it after I pryed the cpu off of the aluminum heatsink that Dell was using to cool it.