Ergotech Freedom Mount Questions/ Monitor Arm

Holding my 27inch 1440p , This monitor arm is nice My only gripe is how the hell do i know if it's balanced straight. Does anyone else have this thing and know how to set it so the monitor isn't crooked in any angle i always feel like its a little off horizontally.

Hi Bender,
I have an Ergotech 7-Flex HD, which I think is the "step up" from the Freedom Mount. Mine too is difficult to get perfectly straight. One way i have found which worked pretty well is to put a level on top of your monitor when you are adjusting it to see where you are at. You may need someone else to hold it there while you adjust.

yeah i just got a leveler lol

Thanks they really should have the vesa mount fixtured or something, and whao why'd you spend that much more on a monitor arm?

I have a 43" 4K Korean monitor :)
Level work out okay?

Yeah lol no more crooked angles.