Ergonomic Setup

I'm trying to make my setup pretty damn ergonomic simply because of how much time I spend at my setup. Well I'd like to try and get a very ergonomic chair, but I've been looking in stores and they sell pretty bog standard chairs, they're nice to look at but you can't really adjust much.

I plan on buying some gel pad, one for in front of my keyboard and one in front of my mouse, both are wireless, so that way I can get the most comfort possible. I even went for the Logitech MX Master simply because it's wireless and it's design feels beautiful, it's incredibly ergonomic. The only time my moues wouldn't be ergonomic may be when you've got tiny hands/baby size hands.

Also on a side note, can anyone recommend a cool and very quiet graphics card? - my setup is almost silent at the moment, but I look to be upgrading my graphics card sometime in the future, whether that's in the next couple of months or weeks, I don't know, I'm going to wait until finance isn't an issue by any means.