Erase all software on a MacBook Pro

Hi Syndicates.

I am going to talk about a MacBook Pro, but hear me out before you rant.
I like its design and was wondering if I could completely erase all the software on it? So I could install Linux and make it a Linux only laptop.

Why I want to do this: I have an 'old' 2010 15' inch MacBook Pro of my father that isn't being used and I want to have a Linux device to learn the ways of Linux. I am not going to game on it. Just to experience Linux and learn to program and work on it. Also to test out if I want Linux to be my daily driver.

Thx for helping me out. Cheers!


I think you will be better off running OS X and getting familiar with the command-line first. Just like a Linux or BSD box your Mac is also POSIX compliant. This means that it has a standard API that accepts the same commands as all the other systems.

There are also alternatives to the package managers you would expect on Linux: + Another one is MacPorts.