Equivalent CPU fan?

So I got this Fractal Design Core 1000, and it only supports CPU fans up to 148mm in size. The one i wanted to get was the Hyper 212 evo but its 160mm tall. I have an AMD FX 6300 and an ASRock 880-GM LE FX MOBO. Is there a smaller fan that does the same job cause i can't afford water cooling, plus that'd be overkill. So shorter than 148mm.I also have a 25mm tall side panel fan, so i actually need a really good CPU fan shorter than 123mm. Any suggestions?

First of all maybe do you mean Heatsinks and Fans with them? 

Still I would recommend (for small profile case scenario) Thermaltake BigTyp Revo - go and do some research on that;

If it still will be to big (consider ram spacing) try this - COOLER MASTER GEMINII M4 - Its a bit on weak side due to its cooler (fan) but you always are able to substitute it to a better one

Last but not least THERMALTAKE SPINQ VT - well it's a bit under-powered - but it looks great and does it's job pretty well

So you need a decent, CPU cooler which is no taller than 123mm?

Wow I have the same case, and I use the CM Vortex Plus for my FX-8120, it fits perfectly with no problems with clearance. Keeps it cool too, great little cooler and easy to install. It has standard amd clips.

I have also had the COOLER MASTER GEMINII M4 it cools worse then a stock cooler, it's meant for HTPCS or super small cases with no clearance like the CM Elite Advanced 120. I don't recommend that at all.

Wow thanks for that Vortex, itll fit no problem.