Equipment for commentating/streaming


I really want to invest in some good audio equipment for my streaming setup. I want a microphone that picks up voice both close up (when commentating) and from some distance (up to 2 feet), if it is possible. Because I don´t want to have a microphone in my face when I am playing on stream. I also want a nice and long arm to mount to the wall or backside of my desk to hide it when I don´t use it, and have it above me out of the view in front of my monitors. Until now, I have used a Blue Snowball microphone which worked well to just commentating, but awful when recording, because I couldn´t have it in front of my screen when gaming and the slight distance made crap at picking up voice. Very new to this and hard to find a place to start on my own, so I appreciate any help I get.

mic's by design cannot pickup close sounds and far sounds and sound good.

look into a lav mic so it is always in a position to pickup your voice or a countryman like this:

Any good "broadcast" mic has to be right up in your face but if you consider when a presenter on stage or a person doing a keynote, were they need to be heard but need to be seen without a huge mic in their face they use a small attached mic.

otherwise you would need a broadcast headset like sportscasters wear.

with a good audio interface with a decent mic pre-amp you can get really good sound quality.