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Epyc2 Mobo

So I have planned to build a new super quiet white box sever for some time, waiting for epyc2. I have grown weary of the hum of second hand 2u enterprise gear. I thought I would treat myself with a gratuitously overspecced new server that I have no need for, mmm :slight_smile:

After waiting forever, seems the wait continues with the mobo choices so limiting. I don’t need gen 4, but it does seem wrong not to at least have the choice.

Perhaps my web search skills have missed one , the new gigabyte board looks interesting but is not on sale yet. Tyan would be fine if you want a gazillion minisas ports.

Anyone want to add some perspectives, perhaps even a mobo link :smile:

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Will keep my eyes open.

Ill keep a lookout but I think wendell and a few others are more up to date in the enterprise section of hardware