EPYC workstation in 2023

Hi, I need to build a new setup to render large scenes of 3D graphics in 3Ds MAX, that has to have 512GB of RAM. Any news on when we be able to buy motherboards for Epyc 9004 cpu? Maybe has heard when we will see something like Supermicro H12SSL-NT or ASUS KRPA-U16-M .

I would imagine availability will vary by market

Gigabyte have a couple of boards listed on their site, such as this one: https://www.gigabyte.com/Enterprise/Server-Motherboard/MZ33-AR0-rev-1x

This is similar in many ways to their earlier single-socket EPYC motherboards which have always supported extra DIMM slots at the expense of limiting the lengths of some PCIe cards. Except in this case, the CPU plus DIMM slots cover one entire side of the board, limiting the length of all PCIe cards (or forcing the use of breakout cables/risers). So perhaps not ideal for a workstation build.

The dual socket variant see hereis more interesting, as it has the CPUs and DIMMs oriented differently, leaving full clearance on all four PCIe slots. (Layout inferred from a rendering in their promo video).