Epyc, Motherboard, RAM combos being sold on eBay

I see a lot of reasonably priced used Epyc CPU, SuperMicro MB, and RAM combos for sale from China on eBay. For example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/134674578893?var=434188330845

Does anyone have experience purchasing these items, which I assume are recycled from data centers? How did it go? Any non-typical problems? What are folk’s feelings about the safety/wisdom of purchasing from these vendors?

Check this big thread over at STH. Many folks have bought from and had good experience with the seller tugm4470 (be aware that there are some imitators). I purchased a 7532 and HS/F from him last year and it arrived from China in less than a week. Paired with 128GB of DDR4 and a TYAN motherboard and it’s been running great for a year.


i usually recomend buying the combo with NO RAM and sourcing your own RAM. as EPYC is fairly RAM speed sensitive and 2133 is not performance orientated.