Epyc 7443p Workstation motherboards & hibernation

I am looking to build a workstation system using AMD 7443p cpu and was looking for motherboard options and came across a thread here

EPYC and Windows 10 “Hibernate” feature

which indicates that Asrock Rack ROMED8-2T doesn’t support hibernation
Do none of the Epyc 3rd gen motherboards support hibernation?. I understand servers don’t sleep/hibernate but it is something I need for my workstation.

There may be TR Pro in your future if that is a requirement.

Threadripper pro just goes out of budget for me. Also just curious do TR pro motherboards have drivers for server os like Windows Server 2019 for example

There are places that are selling the asus ws wrx80e MB with a variety of windows server, linux server, vmware, etc as well as win 10. So yes.
I assume that the gigabyte and supermicro MB’s would also.
I think those are the only ones out at this time.

Have a look at the Supermicro H12 MOBOs. Lots of options to choose from depending on your drive needs / chassis / workload.

I just started a build with the H12SSL-NT MOBO and am really impressed with the quality and features. Just waiting on a Milan CPU… do you actually have an AMD 7443P and where did you get it? We are waiting on one of those…

Don’t have it yet. Just planning for now. Do the supermicro motherboards support hibernation?. Do you have any idea on that

I don’t - why do you want the MOBO to hibernate? Never thought of that for a server. Kinda always want it available.

The location where it would be operating has power issues. The current setup has a UPS that hibernates the workstation in case of a power failure. Also intended usecase is not server so don’t want 24/7 uptime. But I do want 24 cores hence looking for a motherboard that is not server grade (don’t mind if it is and supoorts hibernation though)

Power monitoring software with a UPS could handle a shutdown, but I guess you want to save the state of the system

I’ve had my 7443P now for about a month or so. I got lucky with an order through WiredZone back in May only to have the payment returned and the order backlogged. Lucky it wasn’t canceled like my friends.

Wasn’t supposed to get inventory till middle of this month but it came in early. Was drop-shipped by SuperMicro. Using it in a Asrock Rack ROMED8-2T. I like it a lot.

My friend is still waiting on inventory from ShopBLT and that has been pushed out again from September to December now.

Did you want to share it with others on this forum @KeithMyers so we all get to share in your joy? :crazy_face: You could start a list and we could all try it for a week? Teehee…

The cpu is great, the firmware support not so great.
Won’t fully work without a still officially unreleased L3.42 BIOS and a 1.19 BMC F/W so that system inventory is working.

I had a bricked BMC chip because the official Milan firmware prevented any updating. Had to have them mail me a new BMC chip.

I’ll hold onto the cpu though as it is currently employed crunching Universe and Einstein work all day.

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