Epson xp-322 on arch linux

Hey guys,

this is the third topic I open in a week in this section, but I really wanna switch to arch linux and in order to do so I need my printer. I really never managed to configure a printer in linux but this time I can't even find the printers menu in the system configuration menu.
I looked up for a driver on the epson website and I found a .tar archive. In addition, the epson requires you to install LSB > 3.2 but I couldn't find the package with packman or in the AUR (I mean, there is a version in the AUR but it's obsolete).

I tried installing this package
still I don't know how to use it.

This is the driver page I trried to download
The version I downloaded is the "epson-inkjet-printer-escpr-1.6.4-1lsb3.2.tar.gz", it didn't help at all.

What can I do now ??

Thanks in advice for helping this newbie

Did you install CUPS?
To install packages from the AUR use an aur helper like Pacaur to automate installs.
Either way, to manually install a package:

1: Extract the thingyouwanttoinstall.tar.gx

~]$ tar -xvf thingyowanttoinstall.tar.gz

2: Move to the extracted directory and build the package

~]$ cd thingyouwanttoinsstall
~]$ makepkg

You should now have a new foo.pkg.tar.gz package in that directory
3: Install

~]$ sudo pacman -U thingyouwanttoinstall.pkg.tar.gz

Thanks for claryifying it but I already knew how to install stuff from the AUR. CUPS however doesn't detect the printer.