Epic value for money Lian-Li case on ebey uk only 35£

just got one all metal and removable motherboard tray just get one for 35£ you can't go wrong comes with motherboard standoffs and screws i will add some pics of anyone's interested


Are you selling this?

no just fond this on ebay and got one for 35£ excellent value they have 90 left 

You can go wrong with it. Any case with a door is bound to have it snapped off sooner or later and if you're truly looking for a value case, you can easily find many on ebay for around £10 to £15 shipped. I have built computers in both high end cases and low end crap but you would be surprised by what you can get cheaply.

I know that he has great feedback, but 5 zed shipping for a huge case? Sounds fishy...

Err, only postage to UK; never mind.

the case is made of 100% metal no plastic anywhere and feels better built then my antec 300.