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Epic Games Hate Thread


Besides their store I like the way they handle UT4.



Steam killed PC Gaming. You’re rooting for Sauron. Google has won…



It makes sense. Development, maintenance, and support infrastructure are crazy expensive. Epic probably can’t compete for developers at that point.

There are too many people (me intended) who have sizable game libraries under Steam we simply can’t access with another launcher. Be scared when they say game libraries will be shared - step 1 to shadow merger.

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Steam didn’t kill PC gaming, the console and mobile market did.

Number of PC gamers are around 20% of the number of console gamers which in turn are a small minority of every kid out there playing on mobile. Today, PC games are a niche of a niche of a niche.

DRM and loot boxes sure aren’t helping things, though.



All markets are still growing though.
So there is hope yet.



Nothing in that post was serious. PC gaming is thriving, from everything I’ve seen.



PC gaming is more alive and well than it have ever been.
The fact, that console exclusives are coming to PC because it’s huge market said it all…



I would agree, but you have to look at the way Epic has handled it. With how they obtained their user base through Fortnite, especially with them being quite young and not exactly knowing was steam is (40% according to epic). Epic has positioned themselves really nicely in the long term to compete against steam.

All they had to do was start getting the stream of games into their store and implement a decent system to connect with friends. Once the 9-yr olds start convincing their parents to invest in buying games for them through the epic client, they are not going to want to beg their parents again to go through steam and are going to try and get their friends onto Epic in order to play with them. A ton of sales are made through word of mouth and peer-pressure to be in the “in” group with friends.

Had they done this for the long term and not poach the games away from steam, the amount of hate for epic wouldn’t have received the amount of animosity they have now. At the current moment, Epic is being far to impatient to start competing against steam that they are trying to sledgehammer their way into the market and only pissing people off.

Another point that isn’t in Epic’s favour is the upcoming Borderlands game. The entire user base that already owns Borderlands 1 - TPS bought it on Steam, they even had a sale on those games recently to generate hype, so everyone now owns them through steam exclusively. Then comes the slap to the face that any special editions and at launch with be done through Epic exclusively for the first 6 months. A ton of hype for the game was generated through steam and then they try to ram Epic down their throats for the 3rd game…

The smart thing to do was to re-release their games through Epic and do a massive sale through Epic as well to generate hype, since the games are on sale, it isn’t too costly to re-buy the games through epic, and the release of the BL3 wouldn’t have generated as much backlash as a result. Backlash was inevitable, but the a lot of teh hype was done through Epic rather than through Steam.



Epic is not quite young. They have been around for decades. This is the company that created Unreal.

They used to be very pro mod and pro consumer and that all shifted when they released gears of war, after that, it was just downhill.



I was talking about the User base. the user base is young and impressionable.



Their “store” is so young it does not even have a shopping cart.

Let me check all features on the roadmap that Steam has in place:



Sounds like a feature to me. Daily I wish I could actually buy something without going through the 10 click checkout process



point taken, and I agree with you in that respect



Ubisoft is better than it’s ever been. They are making games that they support for years. For Honor is still getting updates along with Rainbow Six Siege. And the last two Assassin’s Creed games have been well received.

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Remember when everyone hated stream? Lol



Really hope they go out of business. really? where did they touch you?



This isn’t EPIC’s problem, this is Gearbox’s problem.

EPIC bought the initial exclusive rights to BL3 from Gearbox. If people want to be mad at someone about BL3 being EPIC exclusive, they should be mad at GEARBOX for signing the exclusive rights over.

If EPIC go out of business, kiss (future versions of) things like unreal engine (which games like… uh… borderlands wouldn’t exist without) goodbye.



Now this I wasn’t clear on, but I made mention that it isn’t in Epic’s favour, I never made mention Epic was the one that did this, only that it is being done through Epic.

Regardless, the hate is still directed at Epic by the masses for this one.



Fun fact, the lead developer for Epic Games donates all his spare money (made from the micro-TX), to preserving wildlife and vast amounts of forest in North Carolina.



Games for Windows Live remembers