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Epic Games Hate Thread


Yes, really…



Cause Epic is any better…

The double standard is so damn high, I lost IQ points reading that headline!

From the comments on the Kotaku article:



Just don’t buy the exclusive if it isn’t on your preferred platform.



Gasp no



EA, Ubisoft and Activion can just die with it too, and release all the developer studios they amassed (and haven’t killed off yet) from their grasp.

If not buying any games they release is probably not the cleanest solution as low sales numbers are interpreted as “the devs didn’t do a good job. lets close the studio” by the publishers.



Ubisoft are actually trying… I don’t like any of their games, to be fair, but they still trying.

The audacity Epic have to just come out and claim they “are concerned for the developers” makes me really feel bad for the gaming industry…



It’d be one thing if the developers savings were passed on to the consumer, but we know that isn’t the case. Releasing a game on steam is cheaper than releasing on console and yet both cost the same. Its really an issue of publishers trying to increase their return on investment as much as possible, and I have only the tiniest of violins to play for them.



They fucked up too many times, so “trying” doesn’t suddenly make them good.
Think about Jim Sterling what you want but at least he keeps track of fuck-ups in the gaming industry in a time where people tend to forget too fast.

While Epic Games basically forcing their devs to work an atrocious practice, it’s not an isolated case (I’ll again refer to Jim Sterling’s videos, he has a few about it).



I like the guy,… He is entertaining…

It doesn’t but they are far from Overwatch lootboxes or EA lootboxes or other studios crunch and so on…
Ubisoft still try to release a nice game every now and then - grow home, south park, rayman, that poetry game, I can’t recall the name of…
God bless them they are still trying to be diverse and interesting…
For Honor, Rainbow 6, south park, assassins creed, steep, the crew, mario and rabbids, just dance etc etc…



I’m not going to generally defend lootboxes, but OW Lootboxes and the shite EA is pulling in their games are two totally different things.
OW Lootboxes are cosmetics only and aren’t gambling because there is no real world value attached to the items. You can’t sell them, other than all the CS:GO stuff (never played that. Just read the articles).

I have not enough data to know what making a game like Overwatch or Battlefront 2 costs. But if a studio feels they need to make up for the price with lootboxes or Microtransactions, i feel like Overwatch is one of the prime examples of how to do it right. No locked heroes, no Pay to win. Just skins ad emotes that aren’t tradeable. Plus you can realisticly get most of the stuff you’d ever want from just playing. I’m at a point where i don’t even open lootboxes anymore because i basically have everything now. And I’ve never spend a dime on boxes in OW.

Those Fifa teams stuff and early Battlefront shenanigans can die in a fire though. I don’t ever want to see pay to win in a full retail 60$ Game. And yes, Epic can burn for pulling the Console Exclusive bullshit on PC.

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It is gambling…



No they are not. You are NOT playing FOR money. You are paying money to play, but you know ahead of time that you are getting 0 Money out.

This is different with Games that let you trade Items. But in the case of overwatch, by the very definition you posted, it’s not gambling.



They called loot boxes a “boon for the industry”.

With what? Annualized releases of the same IPs over and over and over again? Now with 50% more season passes and DLCs.

The only thing they keep diverse is the fuckzillion different editions of a game, so you need a chart to see what includes what. But guess what: no edition contains everything.

And for shit they pulled over the last few years:

Did you forget what caused this?


Cause 30fps are just “more cinematic”.



btw, if you click on the 3 dots on the right side of the address bar you can use the screenshot tool to mark the area you want to screenshot instead of the whole screen.
thought this might be useful.



Epic store reminds me of Uplay… garbage…

I love Battlefield games on console back in the day… ever since i moved to pc, i havent touched it… shame because i have 6 games on uplay and i wont touch that launcher…

Same reason i wont touch fallout 76… making a locked down launcher is stupid

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Competition is good. Steam is slow and buggy in comparison to some other options.

I’m surprised so many people here are happy with a monopoly when it comes to games.



I agree. But Epic is not competing. They are explicitly getting titles exclusively, which is the exact oposite of competition.

I’m all for competition. But this would imply, that i have more than one option for a given game to purchase it from.
As it is, it’s only fragmentation, which isn’t helping anyone.



Yeah, you are paying money for random chance of a reward you want…
It is gambling dude…
You don’t gamble for money in the casinos as well, you play for chips… But it’s still gambling non the less…

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May I recommend you a book?

Read it. Gambling machines and lootboxes are carbon copies of one another.



I tried gambling 3 times… find it annoying