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Epic Game Store grabs Metro: Exodus to be sold exclusively through their storefront


So, apparently Epic Games are doubling down on getting exclusive deals to sell games. Metro: Exodus was for pre-order on steam until about 9 hours ago, now it will be taken off, and the pre-orders will be honored… in a years time.

Deep Silver has stated that it will return to steam and other platforms in a year. Guess I’ll wait a year when a Linux friendly platform (steam) has it once again…

Also, this more or less rules out any chance of a Linux port for the game since Epic Games have no plans of making their game store available on linux, on steam it would probably run through proton, but now, it just became harder again.

I am torn, cause I really wanna play Exodus, but at the same time I wanna boycott the Epic Game Store and subsequently I would then boycott Exodus. :frowning:

Anyone else disappointed by these developments?

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