Enthoo evolv atx

i just got mine in and to fit a 360mm rad in front and top theres flanges i need to cut on the tray in order to fit the fans ontop of the radiator i dont wanna go hacking if i have no idea would it be the inside turned in edges or something else

hard to say anything without pictures. Not all of us have dug inside one.

hold on ill snap a photo as i took it out a d put the case away

  1. Those look to be for structural rigidity. Just helps keep it from bending. Should be fine with a rad attached to it to cut the flanges sticking up.
  2. After speaking to someone on discord with the evolve you will also need to mod the actual case as well at the top for fans to fit.
    Have to flatten out the flanges on there as well.

how would u flatten out the flanges on the case

i plan to use the ek vardar fans that are 25mm so would that still requier me to do both case and sled mod

Do you have pliers and or a dremel? perhaps a c clamp?

As for fitting the fans. Yes.

so even with 25mm fans the 29mm space isnt enough? so bizzard... ud think it would work i have access to alot of things....

you could probably make it fit but the ones on the sled will help the fit of the fans against the rad.

do u know the measurements with out the mod im curious and no matter where i look i cant find it..

I do not. Just the two pictures I posted earlier.

do u know any1 i can talk to or even the discord if the guy wants to talk...

Which measurement for sure? Do you have a tape measure?

yeh i do but im just gonna grind the bottem piece tommrow with an angle grinder and see how it works