Enterprise or Consumer HDD

Hi guys,


I am planning on buying a new hard drive for my gaming pc. I am going to go for a hybrid drive, however, I am looking at two very similar versions of seagate drives.

The one is a standard desktop consumer grade drive and the other is enterprise drive.

The enterprise drive has a faster spin speed (10K as opposed to 7.2k)


My question is, are there any major differences for using a enterprise drive compared to a consumer drive? Is there anything that I should know about, compatibility, etc? Will it work in a standard config gaming pc?

Please let me know.


Everything works everywhere in my experience with sata and stuff, a Hybrid drive is probably a good idea, you should get whatever is cheaper or, if the difference is like $5 then go with the enterprise drive.

What i would do and what i do do is get a WD Green (Because its quieter, mate had a Blue and it was too loud for me) and get a small ssd and cache thata way (using the intel chipset magic)

What others would/do do, get HDD, Get SSD, bam, No cache just two drives


it will all work in a standard PC :)