Enterprise level encryption devices for WAN

What encryption devices have any of yall used in the past for point to point encryption over a WAN that you like. Cost is, mostly, not a factor as this is for business purposes and I'm willing to put down the money on it. I haven't started research yet, figured I'd start here to get input on those of you that have experience with them already. I'm going to start where I always do with something like this, though, and check our Barracuda networks.

@DeusQain - You probably would have some insight on this one.

Like a VPN tunnel?

More or less, yeah. Just point to point encryption. I'm mostly famliar with firewall tunnels where you have a devices on each end that's a full fledged firewall, but I don't need that necessarily. I just need to encrypt the traffic on the line between the two points.

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You're describing a hardware VPN, actually.

Though a Firewall may contain VPN or encryption/tunneling features, the term Firewall is primarily used to refer to the device's IDS/IPS functionality.

The best entry level Enterprise VPN:

Correct. I was just confusing my terminology. There were once devices called tunnel encryption devices, which is what I got stuck in my head. Not sure why I didn't correlate that to a VPN tunnel device.

Aye. Thanks for the link. Have you used this Cisco device? I'm not against Cisco at all, as we use Cisco and Barracuda devices, just wondering if you've used it yourself and liked the features it had available.

Hardware VPNs are just devices that have built in cryptography chips.

If you are running Linux, Strongswan is a good one.

So is OpenVPN.

pfsence will also do this feature point to point vpn between 2 pfsence boxes pluse firewall to boot.


OpenVPN is considered pretty damn good. Your router needs to support it.

I didn't read this shit but it looks like they implement OpenVPN essentially.
Hopefully it's patched for HeartBleed