Enough power?

Hey, guys!

I'm currently working on a pretty high end, aswell as future-proof, build, and for it I'm going to be putting in a GeForce GTX 780, but for the furture I was planning to put in another one. The PSU is my problem, I'm thinking of a Corsair CX750M power supply, but I'm not sure wether the power will be sufficient or not. Do any of you guys know? It'd be a great help.


Others will no doubt disagree but I wouldnt go less than a good GOLD 850w. SLI'd 780's at full load will hammer the 12v rail. A 750w hell even a 700w in the extreme case may probably suffice but with added strain and the risk of complete failure and system killing puff of smoke.

This is what one bare bone sli'd 780 rig consumed;   >>>LINK<<<

Just putting it out there but half decent 1000w psu is that badly priced. Like this one   >>>LINK<<<<<


Depending on your CPU, if it's a 2011/FX/older CPU a 750w should be more than enough, if you overclock it may be a strain so going for an 800 watt PSU would probably be your safer bet but anything above 850 watts would certainly be overkill.

Thanks, guys!

750W is often quite good for dual cards, but you would have to be more selective with the PSU. I wouldn't rely on a bronze rated CX to power dual 780s. The 780s happen to be quite power hungry in comparison to other Nvidia cards. I would advise getting the gold rated HX750, or higher.

One 780 is very future proof for 1080p, dual 780s would be really sexy on 1440p.