Enough Power?

I hear from Logan this is an awesome forum, so answer me this. :D

My build is an Asus ROG Maximus V Extreme E-ATX Motherboard.

Asus 660ti Overclocked edition

Corsair Dominator Platinum Edition 16GB

i7 2600k

HyperX 120GB SSD

1.5TB Drive that is lying around.... Seagate, Im guessing 5400 RPM

Corsair H100....i (Why not 5 bucks more)

Asus Blu Ray Drive


Will an AX850 Modular PSU Power this? What if I overclock the CPU to 4.5 gHz? AAAANNNNDDDD Just in case, all this is compatible right? I am pretty sure it is. The board is LGA 1155 and so is the CPU. The case also is a Bitfenix Colossus Venom Edition.


Thanks ahead of time. You guys are awesome. This is my first time build and I am going all out. Any reccomendations are welcome. I want to stay in this price range though. I will also be running 3 monitors any other suggestions for a GPU? 


you need a 550w PSU

I forgot to mention I am going to, later on, I will SLI another 660ti. Maybe a 750?


SCHWEET! Thanks man, I think I am getting a AX750 :D

as long as its single rail, 80+ cert all you'll need for that setup is 650w minimum and enough PCI-E cables, good luck.