Enough Power for overclocking?

So Im planning pn getting a FX 8350 soon and getting it as close to 5ghz as I can and I also have a gtx 680 with a slight overclock on it. I was wondering would a seasonic 620w power supply give me enough headroom for the over clock or should I keep the clocks lower?

125W is your CPU

200 for your 680

~75 for the board

5 per stick of ram

10 per HDD

5 for SSD

2-3 for each fan (not plugged in the board)

Watercooling draws more too.

Need more info to give an accurate wattage


That site will help you!

620W is fine.

pcpartpicker has one of the most innacurate wattage calculators I have ever seen.

Theres about a 200W in the fudge factor which is fine. I just wanted to be helpful to see what his/her rig is. :P

Alright thanks for the replies  I have 2 sticks of ram 2 hard drives 2 fans and a corsair h100i. I should have enough headroom for a good over clock right ?


I would go with a 700w. Don't wanna get all your parts and realize you ordered too small of a PSU.