Enough connections on power supply?

Hey peeps,

I'm having some major trouble putting my new PC together. I can admit that I'm not an expert, but it seems like I may not have enough power connections to hook up both my motherboard and my GPU. Here is what I'm trying to run:

Power supply: Cooler Master GX II 750w
Mother board: MSI Z87 XPower
GPU: GeForce GTX 680 Classified

I also have 2 Hard Drives, 1 SSD, and 2 Optical drives.

So far, I just can't tell if I have enough power cords coming from the power supply. If anyone can help, I also have a couple questions.

  1. What is an ATX Power connector, and do I need to connect two 4 pin power cords, or will one 4 pin be enough? There are two 4 pins ports on my mobo (which, according to the manual, "allow you to connect an ATX power supply". I dont know what ATX is, andI don't know if both of the 4 pin ports need power. I can only seem to fit in a single 4 pin plug anyway.

  2. My GPU requires two 4 pin power plugs, but it came with two adapters, each of which are 4 pin plugs that split into two 3 pin plugs. Does that mean that I need to plug in four 3 pin power cords into each, or will two single 3 pin cords convert/adapt into two 4 pin plugs? Hope that makes sense....

Lastly, do I need a different power supply as far as you can tell? Thanks for any help, greatly appreciated,


well you need to look in the manual of the psu. the 2x4 pin atx power connector, need to be connected to the cpu power connetor on the motherboard. thats an 8 pin 4+4

pci-e power connectors are diffrent. they are 6 pins +2, if im right your psu has 4 of them.


check the link for your cable info.

Grtz Angel ☺