Enmotus FuzeDrive v1.7.0 Documentation Missing

I have been searching for the changelog information for version 1.7.0 of fuzedrive for a little while now. It is no longer a new release but they have not updated their documentation. I have been checking their main website and this page for information.

Has anyone happened to see any info on this release anywhere?

I’ll grab this and send this to the appropriate person at our company.
We have just updated to 1.7.1 and will ask them to include it as well.

Nice that someone from Enmotus is here.

Is there any news of a version of FuzeDrive that can co-exist with an AMD motherboard’s SATA controller set to RAID for non-Fuze Drive SATA drives so that you can use Fuze Drive solely with NVMe drives?

Right now it doesn’t work with that configuration since the Fuze Drive driver needs an AHCI controller present in the system to install its own driver (for some reason I am not competent enough to understand).

Ive recently updated to 1.7 version and to be honest I had high hopes about it. To my disappointment I failed to sort things out myself. Actually I liked the previous version more, it was much less complicated. Fortunately, I got the changelog info explained by a friend and he made this kind of user manual on https://www.docsie.io/try_docsie/ga/create_user_manual/. Though I still don't fully understand all of the changes, it's not such a headache to deal with them now. I used to have some doubts about updating but Im starting to get the hang of it. Not so sure I have any official manuals or docs but they definitely must`ve been used while gathering the info.

Do you mean me?

Haven’t looked at FuzeDrive again even though I should do some testing since I was just royally pissed off by that generic-AHCI-SATA-controller-has-to-be-present-in-the-system-for-their-virtual-device-driver-to-work requirement.

Ran into a weird bug with the NVMe SSD that had been used as the “slower” larger storage tier device: The WD SSD has switched into some sort of Write-protected mode, even though its SMART values are absolutely fine.