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Enermax Liqtech TR4 II



Just saw Wendell’s latest video, in it he talks a little about the Enermax TR4 CPU cooler.
I just recently had to trow my first gen Enermax cooler in the bin because of corrosion so am looking for a new cooler.
This might be to early to ask since the Gen 2 has not been on the market for long but do any one know if Enermax has acknowledge the faulty Gen 1 and fixed the problem in the Gen 2?

Don’t want to end up with the same problem in a couple of months. :wink:


I believe he said that they have and did fix the issues.


They will replace it if you still have it. So far the first one is good?


A few people have contacted Enermax and they said the issue has been fixed.

It wasn’t all of the Gen 1s either. There was just one run apparently that had the issues.


Okay that sounds good, makes me more at ease for when i find one for sale here in Denmark.

Thanks for the answer.


As the nerd i am i was to curious so i opened it up to see what kind of damage it had.
The fluid was beyond disgusting and the block was totally gunked.
So i ended up sending it off for recycling.
This was after around 4 -5 months of usage.

I don’t want to order another Gen 1 because i don’t want to take the chance of getting an old unit that might break so getting a Gen 2 will be my buy. :slight_smile:

Btw. keep it up with the great videos here on Level 1, you guys do an awesome job!