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Enermax LIQTECH TR4 II.. Thoughts?


Just about to put a new TR system together. Was originally going to go with the Enermax LIQTECH TR4 II x 360 but I’m seeing a lot of negative reviews and feedback about the cooler corroding and getting gunked up, however it’s not clear if this was fixed in the second iteration of this cooler.

Should I go for it? Is it risky? I don’t have another TR4 cooler and don’t want to be out of action if I have to RMA or return it.

Would be good to know if anyone’s got a long term usage report. I’m surprised no other manufacturer has jumped on the bad press of the Enermax and made a reliable full coverage AIO.


I have the first version, bought it November 2017. Still works.


Well honnestlly if you dont want to risk any chance on being out of action,
due to a cooling failure.
Then an Aircooler is still the better and safer choice.
Only downside from aircoolers is that they are generally pretty big,
and can be a bit of a pain to mount.


Full die coverage is reason enough to have this cooler but it is pretty think so watch out for top mounting on smaller chassis.