I am an expert in physics and whatnots. Software is magic.

Here is what my friends are doing... with power.

Buy a Leaf or 500e or Model S....Or DIY it... 

To drive easy 50 miles a day: 20,000 watts and To run modest house for a day: 20,000 watts

40,000 watts needed / 150 watts per meter^2 / 5 hours solar panels are useful in a day = 54 square meters

150watts per square meter for solar, use the grid for backup/battery/rain

Or basically you need to cover half your roof with solar panels. Costs installed might be 2-4$ per watt. Or $100k minimum.

Batteries to get totally off the grid would also need another few sets of panels to get you through the night.

Now $100k seems like a lot, but that's 20 years of electricity at least so only $5k/year.... and you can get panels on payment plans, as well as gov't rebates, and then paid by the grid if you use less than that and you probably actually use FAR less than that.

Go solar. $5k /year is not a lot if you've got a decent job. You can lease an electric smart car or Fiat 500e for about 150 bucks a month...